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My eye issues cost too much!

Wow, who knew my camera could take such a good picture!  My optometrist took a picture way worse than this and charged me $70!  I think I should just document any growth/change myself!

Back in Janurary when I had a routine eye examine the Dr. was very nervous about the brown spot you see on my eye and the fact that it is pulling the pupil upward.  She called it a raised, non-pigmented lesion.  She said she wasn't sure if it was an iris nevus or an iris melanoma.  She said she wanted me to go to UC Davis for an eye exam and consultation. 

I went and everything turned out fine.  In fact, the Dr. said that I have less than a 5% chance that the mole will develop into a melanoma.  He was actually so confident that he said he bet it was actually less than 1% chance!  That is the good news!  The bad news is he charged me over $400 for the appointment.  My insurance makes me pay the first $500 so between his visit and the first Dr.'s visit that is how much I owe.

From now on I am just going to let it be monitored at my regular eye Dr. appointment every year!  I think I will take my own pictures too and have it documented at home as well!

The measurements of the iris nevus were 2.75 diameter and 2.6 in thickness!  There, now my blog will keep an accurate record!  I will even label this post for future use!


So I decided to try a local hair salon so Ed could watch the baby while I got my hair done.  That was a big mistake!  The salon has only been open since November and I didn't know anyone that had gone.  I figured I would just take a chance and try it out!  The whole experience was horrible.  Not only was it not relaxing, but the hair dresser didn't know what she was doing.  I showed her the picture on the bottom of me last October.  I told her I wanted my hair exactly like that!  You would think when I am showing her a picture of my own hair she would get it right!  NOPE!  Check out the first picture!  That is what she did to me!  It doesn't even look the same and it is way shorter!  Not to mention the color isn't light enough.  She only did half the amount of highlights I usually get done!  I am never going back.  Granted I am not embarrassed to be seen with my new haircut/color, but it certainly isn't what I asked for!  Hopefully this summer I can get it done at the place I used to go to that is an hour and 15 minutes away!  By then the baby should be fine to be left for that long!

Easter Party at the Gym

On Saturday we took the girls to an Easter Party at the gym.  The best party about doing holiday parties at our gym is they are not very crowded.  There were only 22 kids signed up!  Much better than going to community events where there are 100's of kids!  The girls had fun, they got to do a bunny Easter bag, relay races, and an egg race. 

Dance with the easter bunny

Alyssa nose race

Push the egg

Alyssa sack race

Kayla sack race

Summer playing with a ball

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Hide and seek!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Alyssa can't catch a break!

I seriously couldn't believe it when the school called me today!  Luck would have it, it was within 5 minutes of the baby falling asleep on her first nap.  The very nap that I do my daily work out video to!  When the school called I immediately assumed it was for Kayla.  She has a cold and a very hoarse voice.  In fact, she didn't want to go to school today.  If she hadn't missed 3 days last week due to strep throat I may have considered it.

I was shocked to find out it was for Alyssa.  I was even more surprised when they said she got her in the mouth again!  What???  Are you serious?  What happened?  They didn't know, only that she her lip was swollen and she wanted to come home.  They said they tried to send her back to class but she was too upset to spend the rest of the day at school.  I woke up the baby and immediately dashed to the school.  

I thought perhaps it was more of an emotional injury since they couldn't even tell me if she was bleeding.  When I got there Ms. Green, the librarian was so kindly rubbing Alyssa's arms and comforting her.  She told me she was so brave and strong.  I could tell in Alyssa's eyes she was very upset.  They immediately began tearing up.  Her lip was fat again, had a cut on the lip and a big cut on the inside of the mouth.  The cut on the inside of her mouth was probably from her tooth!  I couldn't believe it.  This morning was the first day she woke up and her lip wasn't swollen.  We had just been to urgent care the day before because her lip had developed an infection!  Can't this kid catch a break?

I tried asking her on the way home what happened.  She was too upset to talk.  Later she told me three of her friends were playing together.  She said Tommy and Roman were holding Nathan and trying not to let him get away.  She said she was standing there trying to tell Tommy something when Nathan broke free and his head rammed right into her mouth.  Of course no one saw this coming.  These are her best friends, it was a complete accident.

Poor thing, she is so traumatized now.  She asked me why she keeps getting hurt.  I feel so bad.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

3 girls playing

Alyssa hurt her lip

Aww man, I got a call from the school today and Alyssa got hurt at recess.  Apparently she was playing cops and robbers with a big group of friends.  She was running near the swings and got hit with one right in her face.  There was a boy swinging on the swing too.  Poor thing got packed with a big punch!  Her lip had multiple cuts on it and it knocked one of her baby teeth loose as well as twisting the tooth.  She picked out some pop-cycles from the store on the way home and I gave her some ibuprofen.  It is already looking much better.  Here are some pictures I took:

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Spring Pictures...not so good!

Usually I totally like Spring pictures at school.  In fact, in the fall I only purchase one copy because they are not as good.  I look forward to the Spring pictures where they take more time and make sure the children are smiling good for their pictures.  I don't know what happened this year.  Did they have new people taking pictures?  Did they have less people taking pictures so they had to rush through?  Too bad, I will not be hanging these pictures on my wall!

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See her new teeth!

Too big for the sink!

O.k., she just might be too big for a bath in the sink sure is easier this way.  She does make quite a mess splashing though!

April Fools! LOL..Alyssa actually thought Daddy was going to throw it!