Saturday, April 28, 2012

New Haircut

I got the courage to get a new short haircut!!!  For now I like it but you know me, I change my hair all the time!

Face Painting

The girls wanted to get their face painted at the school dance!  They both loved how it turned out.  In fact Kayla insisted she would sleep with it on that night.  We told her it would wipe off on her pillow but she had to learn for herself!  She woke up disappointed but washed it off the next morning!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Sunday

 On Saturday morning our hot water heater sprung a leak.  The plumber said it wasn't repairable and we would have to replace the hot water heater.  Of course with it being Easter weekend it was holiday labor rate which would be $250 an hour!  So we decided to wait to have them replace our hot water heater until they could do so on Tuesday at the normal labor rate!

Now we were faced without showers and hot water for four days!  We had promised the girls we would go to Six Flags for Easter.  We didn't want to go without a shower so we found a last minute discounted hotel rate near Six Flags for Saturday night.  This way we would get our showers!

This also meant that the Easter bunny would have to visit us in the hotel room.  We left the Easter Bunny a note and send him an email with our hotel location!

The Easter bunny is so flexible and visited us at our hotel!  I didn't get any pictures but the girls had fun with their Easter Egg hunt and their baskets.

We went to Six Flags and the girls had a great time.  Poor Kayla was sad in the beginning though because she was just a little too short to ride a big swing ride.  She cried the entire time Alyssa rode it!  We made sure she could pick the next ride and she had a great time on the kiddie roller coaster!

Daddy spun the kids so fast on the teacup ride that poor Kayla almost got sick!

Mommy and Kayla went on a water ride and got so WET!!!

Summer enjoyed the Merry Go Round and the Train!

We had a great time and there weren't any rides!  If we are season pass holders again next year we will definitely be going on Easter!

Chocolate Easter bunnies

The girls decorated chocolate easter bunnies.  I wasn't sure if Summer was ready but she did have fun painting chocolate on them!  She sure enjoyed eating it!

Pigtails for Summer

I put pigtails in Summer's hair today!  She looks so cute!  I think this is how I will do her hair for her next professional pictures!