Monday, January 23, 2012

The Girls have their first pedicure!

 The girls had their first pedicure yestrday!  They were so excited!  Alyssa chose to have her toes and fingers painted blue!  Kayla chose to have hers painted green.  They both loved sitting in the big chairs. 

Monday, January 16, 2012

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Ed's frozen pond

 It has been so cold here the pond has froze completely over!  The girls were having fun walking on it!  Daddy just couldn't believe it and had to take a picture!

Alyssa pulls out her 8th tooth

 Alyssa pulled out her 8th tooth the day before Christmas.  It seems like she is always pulling her teeth out near special events.  I am guessing now she won't have any loose teeth for awhile?  I am not so sure what ages they loose teeth.  Do you know the previous two teeth she wouldn't leave for the Tooth Fairy?  She wanted to keep them so she could look at them everyday!

Summer loves to play outside

 Summer loves to play outside!  We are so lucky to have gotten so many hand me down Little Tikes toys for her!  She loves the playhouse! 
 The wagon was a gift from Grandma T for Alyssa when she was a baby and after 7 years of use it is still in great condition!  The girls love pulling Summer around in it!  She is funny though, she won't sit on the seats, she sits on the floor of the wagon!

Kayla is Summer's playmate.  She loves making her laugh!  Alyssa like to be a mini mom, with the loving and caring nature.  It is fun to see the relationship both girls have with Summer!

Gingerbread House

 The girls made their annual gingerbread house with the babysitter!  I have to say, it looks much better than when I do it with them!!  LOL.  Either the babysitter is better at helper or my kids are getting better at decorating!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Ed's Holiday Party at work

We weren't going to go to Ed's Holiday party for his work this year.  The baby is still too young to leave with a babysitter since she has never been left with anyone but Daddy.  Ed told his work we wouldn't be going.  His boss told him he had too.  He said I would have to stay home with the baby.  His boss told him it was very important that I go too and we could bring the baby!

We found a great babysitter for the older two girls.  I had to wear this two piece outfit because I am still breastfeeding the baby.  She looked so cute in her Christmas dress!

The baby did better than expected!  When we got to the party they had a special spot just for us at the V.I.P. table with all of the important executives!  The baby sure kept me busy but at least she didn't cry and upset anyone.  Many of Ed's coworkers and upper management came to me and said what an amazing job Ed has done for the company and how brilliant he is and how amazing he is at analyzing and paying attention to detail!  Ed was given an award and we will even get a trip to a tropical location this spring!  We will pay extra to bring the kids along!  We are looking forward to it!

We got home at 10:30 that night and the girls were still having a blast playing with the babysitter!  They were playing Just Dance 3 on Wii!

We covered our chairs

Check it out!!!  For about $8 in fabric and a lot of hard labor on my friend Annette's part, we covered our dinning room chairs.  Annette came over and showed me how to do it.  She did the first 5 and I helped do the last one.  She is just like Ed, she does perfect work!  I was so scared I would screw it up!  I would of in fact if Annette wouldn't have been there to guide me on the last chair.  LOL, we had to pull out a few of the staples I did place because I didn't lay the fabric down right!  Thanks Annette so much!  I love my chairs!  I promise I will make you a pan of brownies!

Christmas Cookies!

 The girls love making decorated cookies!

 Alyssa made these.
Kayla made these.


This year I was so excited, I got to take both of the girls to see the Nutcracker!!!  Kayla was finally old enough and ready!  We decided to go to the San Jose Ballet because Alyssa and I had enjoyed that show more than the one in Sacramento.  Kayla had an amazing time!  I was so surprised!  Her favorite part was when there were little remote controlled mice that went all over the floor right before the nutcracker came to life!  She talked about the show for days and begged me to take her back.  She wanted to see it everyday!  In fact, when the show was over, she wanted to see it again that very night!  Of course we couldn't but I know she will have a great time next year!  What a fun tradition for me to do with the girls.  Now we will just have to wait until Summer is big enough!

Visiting Santa

Do you know we went to visit Santa at the Mall this year?  I never got around to it until two weeks before Christmas.  I was shocked there was no line!  When we got to the front they said I could not take my own picture of Santa with the girls unless I bought their cheapest package.  Do you know their cheapest package was $23.00!!!!  Are you freaking kidding me?  That is ridiculous!  I pay less for school pictures!  So this year we will not have a picture of the girls with Santa.  I did take a picture of their decorations you see while waiting for Santa! 

It feels like home!

Ed hung pictures up at the new house!  This house definitely feels like home!  Do you know at the last house we lived there 10 years and never hung a single picture?  We even have a doorbell here, and a sign outside that says our family name!!!  I will try and give a video tour of the inside soon.  I just need to get around to taking one!

The girls at SacKids Museum

 The girls have a great time at the SacKids Museum. 

 Kayla put a life vest on to help keep the water off of least that is what she told me!

 Summer's favorite place is the water table! Even with a smock on she still gets drenched head to toe!
 Her first time ever painting!
 Double fisted!
 Alyssa loved delivering mail!

Summer playing at SacKids Museum

Kayla and Alyssa dancing with Phineas and Ferb

The gang dancing with Minnie!

More dancing with Phineas and Ferb

Alyssa dancing with Phineas and Ferb part 2

Alyssa dances with Phineas and Ferb