Saturday, June 23, 2012

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Alyssa's 9th birthday!

 Alyssa had her birthday party and had four of her friends over.  They had a great time playing in the water.  This picture made me realize they are much too big for such a small pool!  Too bad I didn't have a truck so I could buy a bigger one!
 This picture cracks me up!  The kids were having a water fight and at times would even squirt the baby.  At first I protested but they told me that Summer didn't mind.  After watching that they were right I let them. 
 Alyssa loved her cake!!!  Not the eating it part though, she didn't eat any of it because she didn't like the frosting.  I guess I will have to go back to making her cookie cakes since she doesn't like cake.  She only likes chocolate frosting.  What a picky girl!
 Getting ready to sing!
 Time to open some presents!  She loved everything she got!  A lego set, art sets, and a Build A Bear Gift card!
 She can't wait to spend it!  Good thing we will be near the mall next Friday when we pick up Grandma from the airport!
Summer spent over a half hour hanging out in between these two moms!  I loved it! I wonder if they want to babysit sometime...LOL?

Saturday, June 2, 2012