Thursday, November 19, 2009

Online shopping

These past few weeks I have been scoring some great deals online. Deals such as free photo Christmas cards, free shipping plus an additional 30%, and so on. These deals have come at a great time too! I really haven't been in the mood to drive 45-60 minutes to go shopping and haven't been feeling well either. So to score free shipping and get the items on great sale prices has made my day!

I now spend some of my time reading frugal blogs that give links and such to online shopping deals. I am so happy to sit at home and accomplish the same thing that would have cost me quite a bit in gas money and my time! What perfect timing for Christmas shopping too! Last week I shopped online at Kohls and bought Christmas presents for the girls that were on sale, plus an additional 30% off, plus free shipping! They just arrived today and the effort was so minimal I am so pleased! If you are interested in some of these sites here they are:

These sites have given me free things such as Christmas photo cards, as well as amazing deals! Well worth the read!