Friday, February 19, 2010

20 week 4D ultrasound pictures

Last week we had our 20 week ultrasound. Boy has technology really changed since my other two girls were born. This time when the normal 2D ultrasound was done, we were able to have a quick 4D ultrasound and she printed out two pictures for us!

The ultrasound is more clear on the screen when you are viewing it. When they take a picture it gets a little blurred due to movement. Anyway, I thought it was fun and thought some of you may be interested in seeing it!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Shark Teeth!

Last October Aly started to get the first signs of her bottom teeth being loose. Within two weeks however, her permanent teeth starting coming in behind her front teeth. Both hubby and I had gone through these problems as children and had to have the dentist pull some of our teeth. So, genetically speaking she has it from both of us.

In early Nov. I brought her to the dentist fully prepared that he would remove her baby teeth. He felt like it was not a concern. He told me the permanent teeth would push on the baby teeth and help dissolve the roots. He told me not to come back until the permanent teeth were level with the baby teeth.

It is now February. The first week of Feb. I made an appointment to see the dentist since the teeth were level. Once again I fully expected him to remove her baby teeth. Aly's front right baby tooth has gotten a bit more wiggly and if she was more aggressive I think she could get it out. It is probably about 30 percent loose if that makes since. The other tooth is still standing strong. I figured he would take one or both. Nope, he said as the permanent teeth move forward, they will dissolve the roots and make it easier for the baby teeth to come out. He also said Aly needed to get more aggressive with the one tooth that was loose--I sure wish she wasn't so afraid of wiggling it and letting it hurt a tiny bit!

So here we are again, patiently waiting for these two baby teeth to come out! Has anyone else experienced this? What did your dentist say? Should I seek a second opinion? Should I see an orthodontist? Should I stop worrying? Hey, it's my first child, I don't know what the heck I am doing here!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

It's official, 100%

Today we had the ultrasound that determines the sex of the baby. It was without a doubt a girl! So we will be a family with 3 girls...poor Daddy, perhaps he needs a male dog or something. He is so out numbered! I think he will need a man cave when all the girls reach puberty. The hormones raging in this house will be scary!

We still don't have a name picked out. We wanted Emma but found out that it is the #1 baby name right now. We are considering Emily. Daddy still wants Rianna. I put my foot down and said no. Sorry, I want to stay with a name that we can actually find on a keychain.

The girls are happy to have a sister. Sure makes it easy for them to share a room at any point!

Now the nesting can begin!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Bacterial Pneumonia

Yesterday was crazy. Aly woke up in the morning fine but by nighttime she was in the ER! KK and I have had a cold this last week. Aly woke up this morning and seemed to be coming down with a cold. She was fine though, happy, energetic, etc. By noon she started to feel bad. She spiked a 102 fever and began coughing uncontrollably. I gave her ibuprofen which brought her fever down to 100. Around 6 she took a nap. Hubby came home and noticed that in her sleep she was breathing rapidly. He woke her up. She continued with the rapid breathing which began to scare us.

I called a mom who had gone through asthma and croup with her children. I knew she would give me some good advice. While we were talking she looked up the symptoms and told me I should take her in to ER. After all, by this time it was 8 p.m. at night and who wants to go to bed with a child who is having difficulty breathing. She said the symptoms were pointing to pneumonia.

We brought her to ER. She had bronchitis last Nov. and had never really fully recovered. We had her rechecked in Jan. but the Dr. said she sounded o.k. We had to buy a humidifier due to her coughing at night.

The Dr. ordered a chest xray. The xray showed she had pneumonia in her right lung. Sadly for her they gave her an injection of a strong antibiotic plus a prescription for zythromax. She was so upset by the shot, it was so sad. They brought three people in to help with it too! I was almost crying!

She is still having some rapid breathing and her cough is pretty yucky but she is showing signs of getting better. She apparently has a bacterial pneumonia. She will be out of school the rest of the week and will miss her Valentine's party. Poor thing!

Anyway, hopefully she will get better soon! So scary how suddenly the whole thing came on!

Poor KK

Last night was a hard night in our household. It seemed everything that could go wrong did! Around 5:30 last night KK was running on the new pergo floors in her socks and fell. She fell right on her face and two of her teeth bit into her lower lip! Poor thing, she was so bloody. I used a cold, wet wash cloth to clean it all up so I could see what happened. Meanwhile Aly was crying in her bed from coughing uncontrollably and feeling sick!

KK was so strong though. She stopped crying within two minutes. She let me clean her all up. The craziest part was within ten minutes she was right back to running on the Pergo floors. I told her to stop and she said, "Mommy, it's o.k., I took my socks off! I am running barefoot now!"

I took a few pictures. The first set are from right after it happened and the last two are from the next day.

I think this experience was harder on me than her. I did keep my cool but my heart ached inside and I was afraid we would have an ER trip from it!

I waited till Daddy got home to see if he thought we should see a DR. By that time Aly was doing horrible and breathing rapidly! She was coughing to the point of vomiting, so we had to change our focus to her and bring her to the ER.

The white parts are where her tooth bit into her lip. I figured when we took Aly to the ER we could ask the Dr. about her lip. Well, they wouldn't allow KK in because she was under 17 so she had to stay out in the waiting room with Daddy! I went to my OBGYN appt. today and asked if I should have her seen. The Dr. said it was o.k. as long as it doesn't swell more and get puss.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Disney wet and miserable

What a bummer for us. We had one great day in Disneyland and the second day was sopping wet! It rained the entire day and not even rain ponchos could keep us dry. Well, we were dry under the ponchos but our shoes and bottom of our pants were sopping wet! I think the girls handled it better than Mommy! We did do some rides but tried to do some of the indoor shows as well. We certainly were cold!

This was the only picture we got of us in the rain! We didn't bring our camera so I used my cellphone to take this picture instead! We didn't bring the stroller, a backpack, or anything. We just walked around miserable in the rain!
These pics were actually taken the day before when we had good weather. It was so cold and rainy that the only picture we did take our second day was the first one you see on this blog. We didn't want to carry anything around with us!
Every time we go Aly likes to take her picture in the Capital A by California Adventures. Daddy likes to make sure we get a family picture in front of the castle. Someday it will be so much fun to make a collage of all our trips to Disneyland and watch our family grow!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Disney Character Breakfast Dance

On our trip to Disneyland we surprised the girls with a character breakfast at the Plaza Inn! It was so awesome! We all had a great time. Mommy loved the food! Of course I was 5 months pregnant and not getting morning sickness anymore! Seriously though the food was great and we got to see 10 characters!

I think this is the cutest video ever!

Even Daddy loved meeting Tigger!

KK was a bit shy in the beginning. We had never met Max before! That was awesome!

Chip and Dale, we never could tell them apart! They sure had fun with us though. I think they came to our table at least five times!

Captain Hook was so much fun. You could keep teasing him by singing the tick tock song and make him think the crockodile was coming! We were happy to meet Timon too!

We had never even seen Brier Fox at Disneyland before! The girls only knew about him from the Splash Mountain ride. KK was a little nervous! He liked playing tricks on Aly!

Of course everyone loves Minnie Mouse! Look how happy they were to meet her!

I was so excited to see Rafiki from the Lion King! We had only seen him in parades before!