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Monday, February 13, 2012

Making chocolate covered strawberries

It has become a tradition for us to make chocolate covered strawberries!  This year I let go of my control and made my own tray of large berries and let the girls make their own tray of smaller berries!  They appreciated having complete control over how they were decorating their berries!  I needed to do the larger ones myself because we are using them for gifts to the girls' teachers.  Daddy and I will have a few too!

Home Pedicures

The girls had their first pedicures at a salon a couple of weeks ago.  They charged me $10 each and didn't even let them soak their feet.  They only painted their nails.  The paint job was nice but it only lasted three days and started to chip off!  I decided it would just be better to do it ourselves at home.  I taught the girls how to rub lotion on each other's feet and calves too so they can get each other a pedicure.  We even bought stickers to  put on their big toes!  Summer liked soaking her feet in the bubbles but she wouldn't let me paint them!

Summer first pony tail

Summer's hair is long enough for a pony tail now!  It was so cute!

Peek A Boo

Where's the baby?  Peek A Boo!  Summer was having so much fun playing this game with the magic hat!

Monterey Bay aquarium

On the weekend of Jan. 28th we made a trip down to Monterey for my cousin Sarah's daughter Madison's first birthday party.  We were able to sneak in a quick trip to the best aquarium I have ever been too!  The girls loved it!  In fact we were there for 3 hours and still didn't have enough time to see the whole thing.  That is partly because we go so slow!  The girls can just look at an exhibit for 15 minutes at a time!  My favorite photos of the day ended up being the ones of Summer playing with herself in the mirror!  I loved how she kissed herself!

Third snow of the season

On January 22nd we had our third snow of the season.  It was another small, quick storm!  In fact we weren't even expecting snow.  We only got about two inches but the girls still had a ton of fun playing in it!  They even built a snow family.  Summer seemed to enjoy it too!  One of her favorite things to do was carry the red igloo making kits around in each hand.  It was so funny!

Daddy rebuilt the playground

 Daddy brought the playground set from the old house with us.  He had to take it apart to move it here and rebuild it.  The girls were thrilled to have it back!  Summer loved the swing!  Alyssa and Kayla love going on the top fort deck to overlook the property!