Friday, October 22, 2010


Yesterday I bought the girls Christmas dresses. Our family loves dalmatians and Gymboree had the cutest dresses that really made me feel like our family's style. I had to try Sam's on because they didn't have a 3-6 month dress on the sales floor. The girl was alone and couldn't get one till later that day. I had to buy a 6-12 month dress and it looked so big! I tried it on and took a few pictures! When I saw the pictures I wondered if the dress is too bright---you know, stands out too much? I think I will try it on Aly and take pictures and see if I think the same thing. Let me know what you think?

Here are the pics...

Here is what Aly looks like.

Sam 4 months

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Friday, October 15, 2010

KK Draws a giraffe

KK drew a giraffe. It is in the rain and thunder. So cute, she is good at drawing just like Aly!

KK writes a letter

KK wrote this letter all by herself. I can't believe how well she spelled many of these words. Let me translate it for you. It says:
Scientific Fairy Research
When a baby walks for the first time a fairy is born.

Isn't that awesome for a kindergartner! Way to go KK! My girls are very smart!

Baby Picture

Look, it is a picture of Sam. Oh wait, no, that is Ed...hmmm, they sure look a lot alike! LOL, that is a picture of Ed when he was 3 months old. Sam has more hair though!

School Pictures

Here are the girls school pictures. If you notice, Aly's picture is a high quality photo. The reason KK's isn't, is because she forgot to turn her picture money in so this is just a copy of their free mini photo. We will have to do picture retakes for her in November! Check out Aly's new teeth!

Fairy Houses

The girls love the new Tinkerbell movie. KK loves it so much that she is watching it almost everyday! The movie is totally cute and I love the storyline. In the movie, a little girl makes a fairy house and captures Tinkerbell. She then makes a field journal recording everything Tinkerbell teaches her about fairies.

The girls decided to make fairy houses of their own. They are hoping to catch a fairy! One day this week they were lucky enough to discover a fairy had visited! Maybe they will get lucky and she will visit again. KK brought her fairy house for sharing at school this week. Iris said she saw a fairy in the box! KK can't want to catch one!

Here is a picture of their fairy houses. I believe the one on the left is KK's and the one on the right is Aly's.

Here is the sand mound they are on. KK planted plants all around their fairy houses.

Here you can see the outside of their fairy houses. They layed buttons down to try and lead the fairies to their house.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Apple Hill

We took the girls to Apple Hill to try and get some photos for our annual calendar.

We tried to get a few pics of Sam. She wasn't too thrilled though...

KK wanted to see how tall she was, although the scale was a few inches off! LOL

KK and Aly got to ride a horse. KK was so thrilled, I think they haven't been able to ride a horse for at least a year or two!

Looking forward to making our yearly calendar this year with all of our wonderful pictures! Now we plan trips just to take certain pictures! Of course we have lots of fun in the process!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Aly back stroke

Kk back stroke

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Alyssa injured

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Giant ball